Kyrios is a consortium of companies working together in alliance to identify, manage, and structure opportunities for developing innovative investment and business projects in both the private and public sectors of the countries in which we operate.

What we do: We manage, structure, and develop investment and business projects in Europe, LATAM, and the United States to foster economic growth in less developed countries and create employment opportunities and avenues for entrepreneurship.



He is a strategic corporate and international business consultant. Founder and President of Kyrios Global Group, a group of companies that work together and alliance to identify, manage and structure opportunities to develop innovative investment and business projects located in United State of America. Camilo Vargas has extensive experience and ability to lead teams to produce effective results. design strategies for international markets and business, high negotiation skills and global financial vision. Master’s degree in Journalism and social communication, with more than 15 yearsofexperience. International business, senior management in business administration, marketing, business globalization, market expansion, high experience in financial economics. Camilo is a born leader in Negotiation and Leadership, Design and Implementation of International Business Strategies, Commercial and Government Relations 


Principal and Lead Developer​

Architect specialized in project development (ETH ZÜRICH- Switzerland). VP of Kyrios Group, General Manager in the areas of structure, development and architectural design for the company’s projects. His experience of more than 23 years as an architect in Colombia and Switzerland, defines him as a professional dedicated to research, analysis, and understanding of development.

His permanent desire to understand the transcendental needs of the human being, has become a seed, that put in the right place, has given the opportunity to produce unique ideas and efficient solutions for each project he has worked on. His vision of life is based on understanding knowledge beyond an intellectual exercise, considering it more of a vital process of permanent learning. He understands that obstacles, challenges and difficulties are only opportunities to learn lessons that lead to continuous improvement as an individual and as a professional.


Interior Design Director

Architecture Director

3D Visualization Director